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Spiders are among the most feared pests that property owners have to deal with. Some spiders are venomous, and even the ones that are not can give you the creeps. A few non-venomous spiders in your home may not bother you and may help keep other insects and pests at bay, but if you have a spider infestation, you want it eradicated as soon as possible. At All Clear Pest Control, we understand how unnerving spiders can be. We also know how important it is that you protect your family and pets from spiders such as black widows and wolf spiders. 

If you are concerned about spiders in your home, contact our Elk Grove spider control experts at (916) 249-2986 for help. We have the experience needed to get the job done.

The Black Widow

The black widow spider is one of the most well-known spiders, and one of the most feared. These spiders are common in Sacramento and are easily recognizable. Their black bodies are hard, round, and shiny, and they have a distinctive red hourglass marking on their abdomen. The black widow's bite is poisonous, and its bite is quite painful. Though their bite is painful, it is rarely fatal. However, children, pregnant women, and those with a compromised immune system are particularly vulnerable and should be careful to stay away from these spiders.

Black widows tend to live in dark, enclosed areas, such as:

  • Cluttered areas of your garage or attic
  • Undisturbed areas of closets
  • Garden sheds
  • Wood piles
  • Inside and underneath flower pots
  • Inside gardening gloves

Generally speaking, black widows are not aggressive but will bite when they feel threatened. 

To learn more about our Elk Grove spider control services, contact us at (916) 249-2986 today.

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The Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are actually quite common, usually keeping to grassy areas outdoors, but they can sometimes wander inside accidentally or take shelter during colder winter months. They average around 35mm in length (a little under an inch and a half) and tend to be black, grey, and brown, rather like the hunters for which they are named. Though wolf spiders are not known for causing property damage, nor are they a significant threat to people, they may bite if they feel threatened. These spiders are sometimes confused for brown recluse spiders, but can be differentiated by their swift, bold motion. While wolf spiders can be seen out in the open, brown recluse spiders rarely leave the safety of their dark hiding places.

Wolf spider habitats range fairly broadly, and may include:

  • Woodlands
  • Shrubbery
  • Coastal forests
  • Sand dunes
  • Riverbanks

Similar to the black widow, the wolf spider is not aggressive, and bites are relatively rare. They also tend to eat unwelcome insects. That said, any creature appearing in large numbers should be addressed by our Elk Grove spider control technicians quickly and decisively.

Other Common Spiders

While people fear the black widow and the wolf spider, several other spiders may take up residence in your home. These include the yellow sac spider, common house spider, cellar spider (also commonly known as daddy-long-legs), and garden spiders. Even though some of these spiders are non-venomous and pose no threat to you or your family, you do not want to allow them to infest your home. Spiders reproduce rapidly if left unchecked.

If you are struggling with a spider infestation, All Clear Pest Control can help. Our Elk Grove spider control specialists are fully trained and licensed. We have the knowledge and experience to handle any pest problem, including all types of spider infestations. We will inspect your home, identify the main points of entry and problem areas, and perform professional extermination and removal services. As a full-service pest control company, we can also provide you with the routine pest control service needed to prevent future spider infestations.

Are you worried about the spiders in your home? Get rid of them by contacting us at (916) 249-2986 for effective spider control in Elk Grove.

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